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Self-Incubate your Startup!

Many startups fail because they try to solve problems that are interesting to solve rather than those that serve a market needs as per CB Insights survey. We tend to like our ideas a lot. Mentors and incubators certainly help Startups validate those ideas but that would still waste some effort. Startup Planner helps you validate your idea sooner and make use of your time effectively.

Customer Profiling

Understanding the user needs, calls for asking right questions. Startup Planner’s Job Mapping feature helps you put yourself in the shoes of a Customer and think about their problems. Interview bot asks you stimulating questions to come up with customer profile for your users.

Design Value Proposition for your startup like a Pro!

People love your product or service when it solves their problem. Visually understand your customer needs and design products and services to achieve problem/solution fit like a professional strategist.

Model Your business like a shark !

When you jump into Startup tank, you will have to swim with Sharks. Startup Planner prepares you to answer tough questions like potential market size, what are revenue streams etc. Share, print or download Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas.

Build your startup pitch in minutes !

A guided approach helps you build an impressive and effective pitch in minutes. Generate a pitch that takes care of every possible business aspect to get you on your feet and rock the show.

Interact with Alexa

Integrate with your Amazon Echo and get things done on Startup Planner by speaking to Alexa. Receive timely alerts through Alexa to pay attention to right tasks at right time.

Get things done !

It’s a tough life! Too many ideas, too many tasks! Organize and visualize all your ideas and tasks in one place for better visibility and tracking.

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