How can you make use of Startup Planner?

So you want to build a Startup! You should know you are awesome! People like you make this world a beautiful place to live with ideas that make our life easy.

1. Create a Company

Define what’s your company. Who are the owners and a short profile. Or just start with the name of the company.

2. Define Customer Profile

Think about your Customers! Use customer profiling to explore what they do, what’s important for them, what pains they have and generate easily understandable customer profiles.

3. Define Value Proposition

Be a genie! Our value proposition feature helps you see where your users struggle and need help. Design innovative solutions for your customer problems. Visualise problem and solution side by side!

4. Find a Problem/Solution Fit

You don’t want to spend money 💰 solving problems that users don’t care for. Visualise how and how much your solution(products and service offerings) solve user’s problem and see a fit. See it yourself if there is a problem solution fit

5. Export/Share Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas

Make investors happy! Generate Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas to see the big picture of your startup and make professional presentations.

6. Build Feature List and Activity List

Be a doer! Roll up your sleeve and list down what it takes to build your Startup! List down meetings, events, marketing activities or development activities and track them on a visual board.

7. Track your progress

Stay on top of everything! Use easy to visualise calendars or speaking Sharky on Alexa to get updates of what’s going on in your world and take timely actions.

Don’t hold your awesomeness back! Get on Startup Planner, build great products and make the world a better place

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